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Want to see my latest creations? Curious about my current events? Be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram for updates almost every day! 

For any inquiries, email me here: [email protected]

Commissions FAQ

8″x 8"........ 300 one front-face portrait or profile - (on canvas).

12″x 12".....$400 one front-face portrait or profile - (on canvas). 

8″x 10″...... $450 one front-face or profile portrait, with the front body, torso  (on canvas, or artist wood panel)

11″x 14″.....$700 one full-body (on canvas, or artist wood panel)

 11″x 14″.....$900 two half-body (on canvas, or artist wood panel)

12"x 16" ......$1600 Two full body (on canvas, or artist wood panel)

(+$50 -$100 for any additional details: hat, tie, scarf, crown, etc.) 


CHARACTER /SUPERHERO  (dress up Your Pet!)

11″x 14".... one character $950 -$1500 (depending on the details)

12″x 16″....... character(s) $2000 - $3500 ( depending on the details)

16″x 20″....... character(s) $5000 - $9500 (depending on the details)

         I do offer discounts for commissions of multiple paintings!


All my paintings are painted on canvas - ready to hang, or on artist wood panel, framed and ready to hang!                 

This is a rough price list based on a standard acrylic painting on canvas or masonite panel (my preferred medium – 99% of the paintings here on my site are painted in this manner). The prices listed include all materials (for acrylic paintings) and multiple revisions as necessary.

Shipping will be added to the price depending on your location. 

I require 50% of the total upfront to cover material costs and as a deposit. 100% client satisfaction is my ultimate goal!

.Please be sure to contact me with plenty of time in advance of any deadline. From conception to shipping I can usually finish a piece within a few weeks, depending on size and level of detail.

All of my work consists of original full-scale acrylic paintings. 

Please let me know if you are interested – I am very much a professional, and am excited to work with new people and ideas!    


***PLEASE NOTE: We do offer Layaway payments for all of my original paintings.  Also, you can e-mail me, should you be interested in any other of my original artworks in using the Layaway plan. ***

At this time I am not accepting commissions for murals or any kind of “on-site” paintings. I do not design logos, do graphic design, or computer art. For privacy and security issues I will not paint models in person at my residence or elsewhere.  


Contact Information

Angel Egle Wierenga, Artist/Owner


Email: [email protected]