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  • Angel Egle Wierenga

    Angel Egle Wierenga

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    I go to major cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Providence, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Orlando, etc...

    Join us in multiple locations throughout the United States for exciting events. Visit our EVENTS page for further details and make unforgettable memories with us!


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  • Hello Cat Lovers and Friends!

    My name is Angel Egle Wierenga. I am an accomplished Artist and Painter specializing in the realms of pop culture Parody Cats, Fantasy, and symbolic expression. I create my paintings using acrylic paints on wooden panels and bring my visions to life through careful attention to detail, light and color. Creativity flows freely within me as I race against time to capture the countless images that inhabit my mind.

    I studied Fashion Design and various techniques in Art at Lithuania's esteemed Academy of Applied Arts. As a custom fashion designer, I've had the privilege to work at renowned salons in Lithuania.

    In 1999, destiny called me to the United States, and I have since made my home in Orlando, Florida.
    Throughout my artistic journey, my husband Daniel has been my rock, providing unwavering support and guidance during challenging times.
    Under his leadership the impressive art prints and beautiful merchandise displayed in our Shop. Each item reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.
    Over the past 20 years, I have been fortunate to share my creations with people across the United States and around the world. As a Pop culture and Parody artist, I have built a reputation and left a lasting impact. But what truly makes me happy is how my art connects with people's emotions.

    It is incredibly fulfilling to know that my work touches people's hearts, and that is where I find my greatest happiness.


    You can find my artworks at these store Locations: 

    • Carol's Cat House Main Street, Daytona Beach, FL, 
    • PIQ SoHo Broadway, New York, NY, 
    • Ghoulish Mortals, W. Main Street, Saint Charles, IL 


  • Shop Owners - Dan & Angel

    EWAcats by AngelSVisionS LLC

  • EWAcats is a heartwarming world crafted by Angel and Dan. We're a family-owned business in Orlando, FL, specializing in parody cats and pop culture. Our mission is simple: to bring joy to your everyday life with beautifully designed cat-themed products. Each item is carefully handmade with love and dedication in our cozy home studio. Angel's artistic talent shines through breathtaking paintings, brought to life by Dan as art prints, canvases, and various art products.

    But that's not all! Angel also crafts exquisite Necklaces, adding a touch of feline elegance to any outfit.

    We're here for you, with open hearts and ears, ready to assist you. Feel free to Contact us for any questions or inquiries you may have.

  • Dovydas

    💻Technical Assistance Extraordinaire

  • Karenita

    🌟 Marketing & Video Editing Virtuoso

  • Lady

    🐾 Manager Assistant and Feline Whisperer

  • Penny

    🐾 Production Supervisor and Chief Treat Tester

  • Amy

    🐾 Art Supervisor and Master of Whisker Paintbrushes