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  • Jess R., May 11, 2024

    I received my order recently and just wanted to share that I am so happy with it! My order was a coaster set with the stand and gift box, meant as a birthday gift for my sister. The gift packaging was perfect and showed the level of care you put into your products. The coasters themselves were beautifully made and the colors were so vivid. Pure art.Could not have asked for better customer service or a better product. I will definitely be coming back for more gift ideas (and to get myself some goodies too!).Thank you, thank you!!

  • R.E., Mar 21, 2024

    This is an adorable, high-quality print. Shipped on time and well packaged.

  • Tracy, Mar 30, 2024

    This is my second purchase I really love these artistic cats, they are so well created. These artworks are charming, sweet, adorable, and funny. I really love this shop. :)

  • Patty, Feb 22, 2024

    Great seller and store. Loved the print. Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Highly recommend. Will buy from again!

  • Peggy Minko, Jan 4. 2024

    Another great one to add to my collection. Love it!! Great packaging because UPS put it in my mailbox after you ask to please not bend.

  • Sam Mingolelli, Dec 25, 2023

    Consistent quality and no issues. We've bought multiple coasters and they're always great.

  • Elizabeth Dec, 27, 2023

    Obsessed with my new mouse pad.

    MOUSE PAD "Meow Can Do It!" 
  • Amanda Grace Rollinson, Nov 5, 2023

    I got this mousepad at RI Comic Con. I love it because it's my two loves. As you can tell, treats were used to stage the photo.

  • Amanda Cress, Nov 1, 2023

    I love them for lots of reasons but especially because they’re Sphynx! I have a Sphynx named Astrid and it’s so hard to find artwork of them that I like. I love these so much.

  • Amanda Granato, Oct 30, 2023

    I love that it looks just like our cat!! Catstiel lives right in our living room

    ART PRINT "Cattiel" 
  • Bonnie Drayson, Oct 29, 2023

    I have 3 prints but this one is my fav as it represents how mischievous cats can be.

    ART PRINT "Good Kitty" 
  • Pris Sewell, Oct 27,2023 

    Bought this from you Years ago at Spooky Empire in Orlando, and it is still my favorite. It hangs right next to my work station at home so it can remind me that I'm not crazy, and to not yell at the callers.

    ART PRINT "Steampunk Cheshi" 
  • Hayley Brown, Nov 29, 2023

    my coaster set that was brought back to me from Orlando. If only Edward Scissorhands cat had been available back then to make it a set of four spooky cats

  • Hayley Brown, Nov 29, 2023

    My much loved little Tiffany cat print that lives in my office

    ART PRINTS "Tiffany Meowlentine" 
  • Melissa Nay, July 16, 2023

    I absolutely LOVE my artwork.. Fast shipping. Thank you so much. I will be ordering more from this shop :)

    ART PRINTS "The Kitty Kiss" 
  • Tracy Apr 26, 2023

    I love it! Exactly as pictured, it’s beautiful! Art I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. ;) It shipped quickly.

    ART PRINTS "Meow Can Do It!" 
  • Joanne, Jan 13, 2023

    She is a wonderful artist and person! My collection is growing! I love Bucky Cat.💜

    CANVAS "Bucky Cat" 
  • Michael Roye, May 24,2023

    I had a white cat. She loved watching star trek with me. It's a picture to remember her. I am looking forward to purchasing more in future

    CANVAS "LoCatus of Borg" Open & Limited Edition 
  • Michelle, Mar 30, 2023

    BEAUTIFUL! Vivid colors and amazing detail! I’ve bought many items from this artist, she is my favorite! I highly recommend her.

    PRINTS, Bundle Sets! 
  • Michelle, Mar 30, 2023

    Just one more button for my fun collection! Very detailed and lots to choose from!

  • Amy, Sep 17, 2023

    I absolutely love this canvas painting. This is not the first time receiving one of her art works. I absolutely love supporting local artists. I am a huge fan and will continue to buy her canvas art.

    CANVAS "Frozen Sunshine" Open & Limited Edition 
  • Erin, Dec 10, 2022

    I was compelled to purchase the ying Yang cats and all I can say is that it is beyond beautiful….it feeds my soul. The picture charges me up every time I look at it. The colors are alive in person. Amazing artist!!!

    ART PRINTS "Purrfect Harmony" 
  • Kylo Shell, July 4, 2022

    I LOVE this print! I’m so excited I came across her art. Negan cat is a must own

    ART PRINTS "Meowgan & Purrcille" 
  • Moboe, Dec 18, 2021

    Absolutely love this product! It’s a gift but I know they will love it. Fast shipping and packaged very well! Thank you!

    ART PRINTS "Doctor Mew" 
  • Javon Tcheco, Mar 12, 2021

    These coasters are the absolute best! I met this artist at Fan Expo 2019 and bought 4 coasters then. I had to have more so I found the shop and the rest is history. I will be buying more for gifts!